The Spatial Decisions Group

Informing decisions for a sustainable future

The Spatial Decisions Group is a multi-disciplinary research group that specialises in spatial informatics and data science to help develop solutions to address different environmental management problems. Our work mostly involves supporting decisions concerning environmental sustainability in coastal, marine, and terrestrial environments. We work closely with international and regional development organisations, national and local governments, and NGOs and grass-root organisations to inform evidence-based policy formulation and implementation. The group is comprised of an international team of researchers based at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia and practitioners from allover the world. Our work spans across the globe. Check out our research pages and publications for more information.

About Us

The Spatial Decisions Group is a multi-disciplinary research group based mostly in Macquarie University, Australia. We conduct applied research in collaboration with research institutions, conservation NGOs, development organisations, and governments to help develop solutions for both terrestrial and marine environmental problems internationally.

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