Earth Observation

📸 Vanessa Neo

We apply geospatial technology to address various environmental problems and develop techniques and tools for analyzing Remote Sensing Big Data. Our team collaborates with stakeholders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors on remote sensing projects. We also teach spatial information science at the school of natural sciences. 


Understanding coral reef bleaching events through a systematic analysis of different ocean temperature data

📸 Luisa Fontoura

It is widely known that coral bleaching occurs when ocean temperatures in the coral environment rises. To achieve a highly effective coral bleaching monitoring and understanding of the bleaching occurences, it is crucial to first recognise the differences in ocean temperature measurements from satellites, data loggers, coral biological proxies, and global climate models. This project explores the variability in ocean temperatures by measuring multiple data sources, focusing on known coral bleaching events where there are temperature anomalies.

Researchers: Vanessa Hui Fen Neo and Joseph Maina

About Us

The Spatial Decisions Group is a multi-disciplinary research group based mostly in Macquarie University, Australia. We conduct applied research in collaboration with research institutions, conservation NGOs, development organisations, and governments to help develop solutions for both terrestrial and marine environmental problems internationally.

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